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We don't want you to just visit, we want you to experience it. We've traveled throughout each destination to make sure we only recommend the best. Apart from only wanting to recommend the best, we also strive on being a responsible travel company. Working with the locals, giving back as much as we can, and adding our little grain of salt in helping these beautiful countries evolve and maintain their charm.

Miski Travels started off as a passion project that quickly evolved into a new way of experiencing South America. We want everyone we meet to experience the countries we fell in love with- the culture, the people, and the destinations.


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Mover & Shaker of Miski Travels

I am a California native, born and raised in sunny Los Angeles but with a Peruvian heart. Growing up as a Peruvian-American, I was able to experience the best of both worlds. I grew up visiting family in Peru ever since I was 6 months old and once I turned 18, I took my first unchaperoned trip to Peru with a group of friends and never stopped going back. With each trip, I fell more and more in love with this beautiful country.

In 2018, I decided to launch Miski Travels, a project that just came naturally to me during a time where I did not know what career path I would take. I love helping people and especially love helping them plan their trips to Peru. I want our Miski travelers to truly experience each of our destinations and experience the cultures that made me fall in love with them. I hope you enjoy each country just as much as I do!




Operations Guru

I am from San Juan de Lurigancho, but I have lived all my life in Callao, a place I love with all my soul. With the passage of time, I had the opportunity to learn English, a language that I love and that has given me many opportunities at different times, both in my personal life and in my life as a professional. I am a person very open to dialogue and debate, but above all, very kind and gentle.

I am currently part of the Miski Travels team and I am very happy to be here because I love helping people, and the fact that I can help them with their travel planning to Peru makes me very happy. My goal is to be able to show you the roots of our beautiful country, so you can count on me. Afterall, I am born and raised in Peru. My journey has just begun and I know I will go far!



Travel Coordinator

When you become an expat in your birth country, you learn different tricks - you are not just a traveler but a local as well. This has given me a great appreciation for different cultures and has fed my love for traveling.

7 years ago I joined a study abroad culinary program in Peru. Here, my curiosity began to burst. Not only did I want to travel everywhere in Peru but I wanted to learn about different cultures and different food and techniques the world has to offer. Now no matter where I travel, making a stop at a local market is at the top of my list! I specialize in Lima, Cusco and weekend getaways from Lima. Living in Peru for 7 years has given me the chance to know where are the best places to get out of the big city and all the spots in Lima and Cusco that are popular with both locals and foreigners. In the last years I've learned first-hand all Lima and Cusco have to offer, all of which I hope to share with our travelers.




Travel Coordinator

I have been traveling since I can remember, but no destination was quite as special as when I arrived in Peru. What was meant to be a two weeklong vacation turned into a few years living in and exploring the country!

I was always the travel planner in the friend group, but then I decided to live abroad after college. I fell in love with exploring new places, meeting new friends and trying new foods! As my interest in travel grew so did my ability to plan better more authentic experiences for myself. After a while I found myself settled in Lima, Peru, and decided I wanted to share my experiences and passion for travel with others as a Travel Advisor. 



Travel Coordinator

My love for traveling started at a very young age. My parents would take me on road trips ever since I was a baby. As a child, I have some of my very best memories of traveling with my parents and exploring our beautiful country. And now, I love traveling and getting to explore new places on own. I am constantly looking for my next adventure. Any new destination I explore, I love connecting with the locals, trying their local food, and immersing myself with the culture.

During the past years, I've focused on exploring all the best that Cusco has to offer. I want my travelers to have the true local experience. As a foodie, I have the best recommendations for restaurants in Peru where you will enjoy amazing food and have a great experience. I am more than happy to share with our travelers all the insights and amazing experiences Peru has to offer.


Jean Carlos

Lima Expert

Everyone who stops through Lima, will get to meet Jean Carlos, or Choco as we like to call him. He is your go to guy for anything you need. He is the first person to greet you upon arrival in Lima and you will immediately feel safe and in good hands. A trip to Peru is not complete without Choco, he is one memorable guy!



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